Your Advantages


EMPOWERING YOUR BUSINESS. With our holistic approaches, we reconcile profitability, efficiency and sustainability for our customers.

  • Cost Reduction

    We reconcile ecology and economy. With GETEC PARK.EMMEN as a full-service provider by your side, you can substantially reduce your production costs.
  • CO2 reduction

    We improve the sustainability profile of your company on the way to zero-impact production and at the same time increase its value - also for the environment.
  • Comprehensive efficiency

    Through a holistic approach, we increase efficiencies in a targeted fashion and provide complete cost-effective solutions to enhance your competitiveness.
  • The highest security and supply standards

    The location meets the standards of the Major Accidents Ordinance and provides the highest level of supply security for your production.
  • Partnership

    We not only understand our business, we also understand yours. Your success is our driving force.


Eerste Bokslootweg 17
NL - 7821 AT Emmen

+31 591 69 25 55