NHL Stenden Universitäts Labor

We have set up a modern laboratory at GETEC PARK.EMMEN especially for the Stenden Hogeschool. In this real-world learning environment, the students of the life sciences program are optimally prepared for future practice. They gain practical experience and work on real cases. Femke Tamminga, team leader of the training, is enthusiastic about the Stenden lab: "It gives the students access to high-tech equipment, and they receive instructions from the park staff. They move around in a real company and a professional atmosphere. This is a special aspect of the training. For us, it also means that we are in close contact with industry, which makes us interesting for other parties. GETEC also benefits greatly from this cooperation. For example, it contributes to a mix of cultures within the company, which often leads to new ideas. In addition, the employees are also involved in the training of the new generation in this way. This cooperation has only advantages!"

Emmtec Laboratory Emmen