Integration completed: At the turn of 2020/2021, we will offer our services as the new GETEC PARK.EMMEN. This will not only complete the integration into the GETEC Group in terms of name. With the rebranding, we will also embark on the path toward climate-neutral supply for our customers. 

The GETEC Group has set itself the goal of supporting its customers on their way to climate-neutral production and energy supply. To this end, GETEC offers various climate-neutral solution concepts such as its Waste2Value approach or Green Steam, which include the integration of new technologies and fuels. In the future, the industrial park will take advantage of the joint investment plans of the three northern provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe and various large companies to expand the production and transport of green hydrogen. Plans already exist for the construction of hydrogen electrolysers by the GZI next consortium, in which the industrial park is a member. For the energy supply of the park, for example, a successive increase in the admixture of hydrogen in the energy production of the industrial park is conceivable.

"Our long-term goal is to make GETEC PARK.EMMEN climate-neutral and thus create a lighthouse project for the energy transition in Europe. In the mid term, we want to reduce the proportion of fossil-generated heat and electricity in the park by half over the next 10 years, thus enabling our customers to substantially reduce their carbon footprint," says Udo Lackner, COO of the GETEC Group.