GETEC PARK.EMMEN is based in Emmen. Most of our employees also come from this region. In other words, Emmen is important to us. So we like to give back to the community. We initiate a range of activities that benefit Emmen and the surrounding area.

We also support local schools and colleges. Each year, we make six work-experience positions available to students of PRO Emmen. The combination of classroom learning and on-the-job experience improves these students’ prospects on the labour market. We also offer internships and thesis projects for students attending various courses at different levels.

In addition, we organise an annual handyman day. We carry out work for mental health and healthcare organisations on this day. For example, painting and decorating and work in the garden and outside seating areas.

We also support Naoberschap United the charity organisation of FC Emmen. We are involved in one-off activities in collaboration with other parties. For example, we supported the initiative to create a facility for blind supporters in the stadium and during the lockdown (COVID19) we actively supported the regional initiative "soup at the door" for elderly and social isolated people.


Eerste Bokslootweg 17
NL - 7821 AT Emmen

+31 591 69 25 55